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  • As it is not a hotel, we do not have a 24-hour reception, so any request or comment please send it to the host at +350 4838240 or by mail to

  • Business hours: Monday-Saturday 9 am - 6 pm


  • Available free of charge to all clients, in order of arrival.

  • The space must be quiet, so the use of headphones is recommended. 

  • Please clear the space when you leave.


  • Hours: 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm 

  • We will be happy to facilitate a check-in before 4:00 pm whenever our calendar allows. 

  • After 8:00 pm to 7:00 am, there is a late check-in fee of USD 10 or COP 40,000 to be paid in cash upon arrival.

  • For security reasons, the keys will be delivered only and strictly to the holder of the reservation and not to a third party.


  • Hours: Maximum at 12 noon 

  • For check-out, please deliver the keys to the host or to one of the cleaning ladies. 

  • If check-out is required after 12:00 m, please check availability and rates with the host one day before the check-out date.

  • If you want to extend the reservation in the accommodation, inform the host or notify us through the platform as soon as possible. 


  • Please report any damage found or missing items in the apartment within the first 24 hours of arrival by reviewing the inventory list. After this period, the client will be responsible for any findings after check-out. 


  • The largest control is the decoder and the smallest control is the television. Turn on the TV with the small control and then you only have to use the large one to change the channel. 

Cleaning and laundry:

  • Daily cleaning and laundry services are not included in the rate, however, they can be hired for an additional value at least one day in advance.

  • Additional cleaning: $ 90,000 pesos

  • Laundry (1 service): $ 30,000 pesos

  • Clients are not authorized to enter the laundry area. 

  • The rate paid to the accommodation does not include change of sheets or towels.  

  • The value paid for the accommodation includes a cleaning which is carried out on the day of check-out. 

Garbage management:

  • Please leave garbage in the area marked for this purpose which is located on the first floor next to the stairs. 

  • Please, if possible, separate the recyclable from the rest of the waste.


  • Keep the passport and valuables in the safe, Cali River Suites is not responsible for damages and / or losses caused during the stay. 


  • The establishment does not have parking. Parking is available on the public street, however we recommend using a private parking lot located a block and a half away. 


  • Colombian citizens and local residents must pay a 19% VAT rate (value added tax / VAT). Tax is not included in our displayed rates and will be charged on or before arrival. 

  • Foreigners are exempt from this tax and eligible tourists can simply present a passport with an entry stamp dated within the last 180 days to avoid the fee.

Other house rules:

  • The use of the front desk for personal use is prohibited. 

  • No smoking in the entire building.

  • Parties or events are forbidden.

  • We ask to be silent and discreet, especially at night.

  • Pets are not allowed.

  • It is forbidden to throw papers or feminine hygiene items such as tampons or sanitary napkins to the toilets. Please use the wastebaskets. 

  • Please turn off the air conditioning and lights when you are not going to be inside the apartment. 

  • The entry of people who have not been registered is not allowed nor is it allowed to exceed the maximum capacity of people in each apartment. 

  • The loss of keys generates a charge of 30,000 pesos. 

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